Of Topknots and Chunky Sweaters

Sweater// Old Navy-borrowed from my Mom

Shirt//American Eagle

Leggings// Target

Boots// Make Me Chic

Scarf//Hotel Gift-shop in Flagstaff, AZ




My hair was inspired by this pin. My sister was making fun of me while I was braiding my hair upside down but I love the result! totally doing it again.

Today Kiley (my bffeaeaeaeae) diagnosed me as a CAB. Crazy addicted  blogger. Its kinda true.  I’m always coming up with post ideas and telling her all about them! But she is totally there with me and if you haven’t checked out her blog GO DO IT!!

Today it was 40 degrees and I didn’t wear a coat! If you have ever lived in//visited MN in the winter you know that is not normal!! I can’t decide if I want it to get cold again or not. Thankfully its not my choice, and after living in MN for my whole life I can confidently say its gonna get cold again ! :)

Does my intense rambling bother you?

3 Responses to “Of Topknots and Chunky Sweaters”

  1. Grace says:

    Like I said, you’re gorgeus!!! and no, your rambling doesn’t bother me because I tend to ramble, too.

  2. Katrina says:

    Hi Madeline, beautiful outfit- and hair! I dont mind your ramblings at all, it’s what makes reading your posts so fun! And like Grace said, I ramble too :)

  3. Kristiana says:

    Your hair looks super cute!! I tried it this afternoon and loved it!! :) I soo enjoy your what I wore fashion posts!! :D

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