Care told everyone to do the MADELINE WHY ARE WE TAKING MORE PICTURES?! face.

This conversation: Laura and one of her friends were making up a play but didn’t want to tell me what it was about, I had already figured out that it was part of the movie Frozen and told them that I knew what they were doing.

Me: “I can figure things out, I’m almost like a Mom”

Friend: “But you aren’t married?”

Me: “I didn’t say I was a mom, just that I knew things like Mom’s do.”

Friend: “Well do you know how to spell phantom?”

Me: “Yep- P-h-a-n-t-o-m.”

Friend: “WOAH you do know things, you are like a Mom.”

Taking group pictures outside when its really cold. Okay quick take your coats off, just one more photo! MY HANDS ARE FREEZING!

Lamenting the fact that all the people I want to visit live in cities that cost around $400 to fly into.

While staying at my friend’s older sisters house that she shares with two other girls, everyone was gone except for Laurie and I and we were about to get ready for bed. So I commented that we probably didn’t need to shut the door of the basement bedroom we were staying in because no one was home except for the two of us. 10 seconds later as I was about to take my shirt off, Laurie’s sister’s boyfriend walks downstairs. Good thing I hadn’t already started changing haha.

When your amazon order is .04 cents away from qualifying for free shipping. WHY?!

Getting dressed right before a delivery came where I was the only person who could get the door.

Trying to take finger mustache photos and I couldn’t handle someone else putting their finger on my upper lip. ewwwwww. mostly because everyone had runny noses and sickness was going around.




The Lord keeps providing me with a bunch of work ( of all different kinds!) I’m super excited to sell Maple Syrup at the Home and Garden Show this weekend.

The Winter Retreat. This just made me realize that I haven’t blogged in so long. whoops!

Roadtripping to volunteer at a camp with Laurie and Stephen.

Finding Young Living Oils for sale at this really hippie coffee shop.

Going out for lunch on Valentine’s day with Care, Sari, Em, and Laurie.

Drinking chai tea at 7pm and then suddenly having tons of energy so I decided to go for a run.

Facetiming with faraway friends.

Being super mature and jumping on the bed with Laurie.

The Les Mis soundtrack!

Watching my friends randomly start swing dancing.

Minimalism. I’ve been so inspired by the Minimalists lately, I really want to challenge myself to get rid of a lot of things that I don’t actually need.

Blueberry maple syrup made with real blueberries and no artificial anything! So delish on paleo pancakes!

Going shopping and resisting the urge to buy things for myself!


What has been AWKWARD and AWESOME about your week?


IMPORTANT! My awesome friend Alex entered a scholorship contest where she designed an aswesome graphic sign and she could win an $1000 scholarship, so if you all would take 30 seconds and vote for her here.


  1. Sarah says:

    These pictures are awesome. Also, the Minimalists, and maple syrup, and Valentine’s Day lunch, and YOU!

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