When it takes 20 minutes to shovel the end of the driveway where the snow plow blocked you in.

This conversation with the kids I was babysitting:

Will(6): how old are you?

Me: “17”

Will: do you have a boyfriend?

Me: nope!

Maizie: (10) why not?! you are so pretty?

Then the six year old proceeded to ask me if I was pregnant.

Shooting at a bike/ski trail head and having to avoid all the people there.

When the place I was going to shoot at was closed. The one time I didn’t double check before I went.

My blogging this month. I definitely intended to blog more… oops. Is there anything that you would like to see on my blog?

Spilling a cup of tea all over myself, the couch, the stairs etc. This has happened so many times recently.

Apples to apples can become so snarky and hilarious.

Using a too dark of powder to fill in my brows, so when I was done it looked super creepy. Then water wasn’t enough to get the powder off, so I had to use coconut oil which then of course wiped off the top of my eye shadow. The struggle is real.



Having dinner at the best raw restaurant in Minneapolis with my Mom.

Paleo double chocolate chip cookies. So so delicious!

One of my really good guy friends dancing around my kitchen sing along with the Frozen soundtrack and pretending to be Elsa.

Hairspray. I never thought it was the right thing for my curly hair, but I just started using it and I looooove how it’s help my hair!

Hosting a girls night for the girls at my church.

Seeing Frozen for the second time with a couple friends and my younger sister.

Being really stressed out (not good) about all the school work I didn’t think I’d be able to finish, but then after praying about it I was able to write like a madwomen. No it wasn’t perfect, but it was finished.


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?



  1. Aurora Peterson says:

    How does hairspray help the curls? I’d love to know!
    ~Rora =)

  2. hannah elise says:

    I just love these..and you’re hilarious. :)

  3. Jennifer says:

    You’re not alone on the wholle “eyebrow sceen”…. I’ve done that several times before! haha! :D

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