When you wear a white tank instead of a black one and if you move your arms too much it shows.

Thinking too hard out loud about the hilarious moments in the movie Elf.

Parking at the mall during the busy shopping season.

I have 5 blankets on my bed because my room gets so cold at night if I keep my door shut.

Making sweet potato chips that didn’t quite get crispy.

Running from a far away parking spot into the mall because it’s really cold and you left your coat in the car because you would burn up inside.

Inception. I am thoroughly confused with that movie.


A 38 degree day in the middle of December, naturally I wore my fall coat instead of my parka.

Smart wool socks. How else is a girl to stay warm when its -5.

Visiting Kiley in Duluth. I’m so thankful the weather worked out so that I was able to go. So much fun!

Finding a sweater I’ve wanted since the middle of October on sale at Target for $6.88.

Divergent Trilogy. I read all three books in one weekend. I liked them so much I’ll probably read through them again sometime soon.

Girls night sleepover with Sarah and Laurie. Eating healthyish junk food and staying up late talking about life was the perfect way to start Christmas break.

Writing out our 1 and 5 year plans with my closest friends.

Encouraging words.

Warm cozy blankets.

Peppermint body scrub made by Laurie.

Scarves, a must to keep warm.

Waking up with the sun shining into my room.



  1. Olivia says:

    I have the same blanket problem. lots of blankets or freezing! ;) x

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