When it’s 17 degrees outside and it feels like 40 you know you are a true Minnesotan.

Going to Target with clips in at the roots of my hair because my hair is still wet.

Laura: “When they(Maria and Captain Von Trapp) kissed it looked like they were grandma biting.”

Dad:”Madeline you can workout by carrying each of the 10 distillers downstairs, it’s using what you have at home like in the Biggest Loser.”

Coloring in a bleach stain with a permanent marker, however after the pants went through the wash the permanent marker washed out.

Being described as a sieve.

Snapchatting in public.


Patterned knee socks from Target!

Finding gf versions of my favorite traditional Swedish foods.

Frozen! One of the best movies I have seen in a long time, it even made me cry. Also I usually don’t like animated movies and this was an amazing exception.

Long phone calls with my dear friends.

Seeing the Nutcracker ballet.

Cute sweaters on sale at Target.

Katherine’s choir concert, all the girls sang so well!

Wrapping Christmas gifts in pretty gold paper.

What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?


p.s. did I just post something without a photo, yes yes I did. #noshame


  1. Olivia says:

    and i wasn’t so sure about frozen… glad to know! ;) x

  2. Olivia says:

    hahahaha Laura’s comment about Sound of Music – SO funny! :)

  3. elizabeth. says:

    Love how you write these posts, Madeline:) And, haha, I was reading this post on my phone and had to refresh it since the picture wasn’t coming up… ;) And you should post a picture of your pretty gold packages – they should awesome. =) Blessings and have a beautiful December!

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