Having to go to two post offices because the credit (in my case debit) card processor wasn’t working and I didn’t have enough cash to cover paying for stamps and for my package.

Buying Kwanza stamps because the post office was out of all other kinds unless you bought a book of stamps.

Weird looks from people when I said that the food I enjoyed eating the most on Easter was a salad. No joke it was a really good salad with blue cheese dressing.

Still getting calls for “Anita”.

The smell of the essential oil of Myrrh, it smells like nail polish remover mixed with paint.

K: “you are old enough to drop out of school, right?” N: “You see I don’t want to live in a cardboard box my whole life.”

Picking up packing materials and never knowing if I’m supposed to wait at will call or stand outside by my car.

Backing our suburban up a incline to get to the will call doors. With only cones to guide me. I’m definitely improving!

*while talking with Sarah on the phone* me: What are you doing, you sound out of breath and your cutting out?” Sari: “I’m powerwalking.”

Searching for paper to write a note as I’m standing on someone’s front porch.

Note to self: write down awkward moments as they come, don’t try and fail to remember them all on thursday.




Freaking out with Olivia over facetime.

Taking walks to think and release stress.

Emails filled with crazy awesome dreams for summer from my best friend.

Making healthy baked donuts for my youngest sister’s 8th birthday. So delicious!

Tons of motivation to get school done!

Walking around the lake in our neighborhood with my Dad.

Organizing my room and getting rid of stuff.  I’m doing well on accomplishing my goals!

A surprise gift of a super gorgeous hair flower from a friend of my Mom.


What’s been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?


  1. Olivia T. says:

    Seriously, you are awesome. And I love you. :)
    All your organizing and exercising is REALLY motivating…I need to do both a lot more!

  2. Kristyn says:

    I’m glad your april goals are going well!! :)

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