When life gets crazy blogging gets pushed to the wayside, but I’ve missed writing over these past few months. So maybe I’ll more time to share in the next few? We shall see!


Trying to put nail wraps on other people.

When at target, trying to avoid going through a certain checkout line and the guy calling over to you to come through his line.

Getting packages stuck in the post office drop box…. hopefully they got them out?

I drive to the post office almost every day of the week, I knew I’d been going so often when I absentmindedly started driving there on the way to bible study.

Forgetting to bring my camera and the light being super amazing on the drive home.

Being so happy and filled with joy you are singing out loud while waiting in a line- not realizing of course that there are 200 people who can hear you.

When it seems like a docent at the Art Musuem is following you around.

Waking up with a tick crawling across your stomach.

Directions that go like this: meet me at a park, it’s right off the main road you can’t miss it.

Trying to find a workout shirt long enough so that I could wear workout capri leggings. Only took about an hour and a half and going up 2 sizes.

Playing the dice game with mini dice- it doesn’t really work well because they bounce so much more then regular dice.

Standing outside of a gas station restroom and the lady coming out and saying thank you so much for waiting…. ?

The fact that I still back over the grass to the side of our driveway almost everytime I back out. (It’s a 90 degree angle.)

Spilling water all over the front of my shirt while out to dinner with friends.



Exploring and shooting photos at golden hour.

When you go out for coffee and then realize that it’s been four hours and you are still at Starbucks.

The Lord opening up new ministry opportunities.

Hanging out at the cabin with Sarah, Em, and Care and talking about everything for hours.

Dreaming about places to go and trips to plan.

Visiting far away friends and when far away friends come to visit!

The TSA agents being espcially cheerful as you make your way through the security check point.

Listening and being so encouraged by sermons from the 1980’s- the word of God is timeless, powerful and effective!

Golden hour sessions with fantastic clients.

When the Lord answers your no rain on the wedding day prayers with a gorgeous sunset.

Driving up to the top of a ski hill in a rental car. The worker at the hill said he has only ever seen four wheelers make it up, but we made it up and down in one piece without popping a tire on the car!

Polaroid printer- you take the photos on your phone and use an app to print them on the instax film. It’s so convenient and fun!


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your month?


I’m leaving for Sweden this evening so I need to go finish packing! If you want to stay updated with our mission team check out our team blog here.




Oh hey blog- haven’t seen you in a while. ;) But ya know, that is the perfect start off for an AWKWARD+AWESOME post!! This is going to be Passion Conference/traveling themed. (Plus last two months of life- if I remember that far back. ;) )



Trying to go into a section that was reserved for special people and being turned down because I didn’t have the proper identification.

Having the TSA agents examine my wrists- I’m not sure why.

Canceled flights.

When your dietary restrictions are combined with limited food availability = eating copious amounts of nuts.

Going to the same Starbucks multiple times and starting to recognize the baristas, the awkward part is the extremely flirty guy who flirts with every girl who walks in.

Trying to order a new pair of jeans online and the sizing chart saying you are 3 sizes bigger then the last time you ordered the same brand of jeans. (funny fact, I ordered the size that I previously purchased and they fit perfectly?)

Making lemon bars and having them flop completely. They tasted okay when frozen, but otherwise they were lemon flavored mush.

Going through the ATM drive through at my business bank account for the first time ( I usually go though the lane where you actually talk to a person ;) ) and being really confused about how it worked.

Our vacuum is not super effective- mostly because there are 5 people in our family with shoulder length or longer hair. ;)



Getting together with long time friends who I don’t see often! I love those friendships where you can pick up exactly where you left off no matter when the last time you saw each other.

T. Swift’s 1989.

Against All Grain fudge brownies- I make them at least once a week.

Olivia came to Minneapolis- we had the best three days talking constantly.

Flying to Houston with Emily for Passion 2015!

Shooting a styled food magazine editorial.

Dreaming up traveling adventures for this year, I’m so excited for all the potential!

Drinking gingerberry kumbucha.

Spending the night with my closest friends, eating pizza we baked in a wood pizza oven, talking for hours and laughing.

Starbucks has coconut milk!!

The shoot and share photo contest. Voting is so much fun!

Nordstrom had a promo event for Nars Cosmetics and so Care and I went and had our makeup done from free. Makeup is so much fun, especially when it means spending time with my sister!


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week/month?



AWKWARD+AWESOME THURSDAY with the groomsmen at one of my recent weddings- I was showing them a hilarious outtake picture and everyone was dying with laughter)



Finding something that looks like mold on the side of the water glass you’ve been drinking out of for the past half hour.

Accidentally sending the same email 3 times to the wrong email address.

Standing in the fitting room area at H&M waiting for someone to count my clothing items and give me a number, since no one came for 5 minutes I just decided to go into an empty fitting room and hope they wouldn’t think I was trying to steal something.

Carrying a gift bag around the mall.

The major struggle I have when trying to back out of our driveway. I still run over the grass almost every time. ( We have an L shaped driveway, with a turn around, but ever since Care bought her car a few months ago and started parking in the turn around I’ve had major trouble backing out.

Driving around the block 5 times because I couldn’t figure out where to park.

My Dad watching me scroll through twitter and questioning why I still follow certain people.

Chipmonk cheeks.

Trying to find a winter coat that doesn’t make me look like a marshmallow.

Tripping over a long skirt in public.

Trying to make up a skirt pattern, and then accidentally cutting a hole in the front of the skirt.




Making homemade peppermint patties- they were so delicious!!

Making Care into Maleficent for Halloween, she definitely shocked some children when she opened the door.

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video- the location, the outfits, everything is completely on point.

Random people commenting on how much they loved my boots that I thought were beginning to look worn out.

Shooting weddings with my favorite people ever.

Finding a super fudgy and delicious paleo brownie recipe.

Starbucks Christmas cups and coffee dates with best friends!

Friends who come and visit you when you are too exhausted to leave the house.

Reading books has made me want to be online less. #win ;)

Finally using my awesome sewing machine that I got for my graduation. Working on handmade Christmas gifts.

CHRISTMAS IS 6 WEEKS AWAY. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Watching action movies with my Dad and sisters while Mom was out of town.

Thai food takeout from our favorite hole in the wall place. The lady who was ringing it up was so confused as to why no soy, oyster or msg. Gluten free problems.

Helping my sister go through her closet, She has got the minimalist wardrobe down.

Watching my sister Katherine dance in the kitchen while she is mopping, it’s hilarious.

Blogstomp! If you are a blogger/photographer who spends a lot of time prepping photos for your blog or website you should check out blogstomp. It is a major time saver!!


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week/day/month?




© Sofia Hilder Photography


{Throwback photo from visiting Olivia in Indiana last fall!}

A few of my close friends live halfway across the country from me, some I’ve only met in person a couple times. The connection is there, even though the time spent in the same place is not. I wouldn’t trade these long distance friendships for anything! :)


ONE// Communicate.

This should be a no brainer in any friendship, but especially in one that spans the miles. One of the easiest ways to keep up is by texting, emailing or calling on a regular basis. You could even write real paper letters if snail mail is more your thing! Ask whats going on in their life, what you can be praying for them, share what the Lord is teaching you, silly things that have happened recently.

TWO// Set up “dates”.

Whether it be over skype or the phone, set up regular times to talk. It is way more likely to happen if you plan to call on the 3rd tuesday of the month then if you wait until the morning of a day that works for you.

THREE// Celebrate Birthdays and Christmas.

It definitely adds an extra layer of fun to your birthday to receive a package from your bestie across the country. Tip: find out their birthday way in advance so you can totally surprise them with some fun goodies! It doesn’t have to be super expensive either! I usually send my packages via first class mail and they are usually between $3-8 depending on how big the padded envelope or box is. Around Christmas make sure to send your package between the 15th-20th to make sure your friend receives it by Christmas.

Some gift ideas that mail well:



Jewelry or Hair accessories.

Gift cards- you can send these in a regular envelope- just make sure to write DO NO BEND on the envelope.

Candy. ( if you are sending candy in the summer I would recommend only sending candy that won’t melt, if it’s Christmas time you don’t have to worry about the melt factor!)

FOUR// Pray for each other.

I can’t tell you what a difference praying for each other makes in a friendship. One of my friends, who lives a few states over, and I have been going through similar struggles lately. There was one particular day that I was just so discouraged, and I called my friend and we prayed for each other. The rest of my week was amazing- the Lord gave me so much joy in HIM! I know that this dramatic turn around was because of the power of prayer! Two don’t have to be gathered in the same room- I firmly believe that when two are gathered over the phone the Lord still hears our prayers!

FIVE// Visit!!

This is the best part about having friends in different places! The perfect reason to travel- whether that be a few hours in the car or in a plane. Plan fun things to do together- such as visiting an art museum, going to local restaurants, eating ice cream and watching movies, taking photos, just spending time talking.


Do you have friends that live out of state ( or country!)? How do you keep up the friendship?



I’m out of awkward photos of myself, so here is an awesome behind the scenes photo from one of my recent weddings!


Tripping and falling during a photo session. Thank God my gear didn’t get broken!

Finding a great location for photos that was on the side of the road, but my bridal party rolled with it!

At one of  my weddings recently the usher came up to me and introduced himself like this: “Hi I’m Brad, an usher and I’m single.” Then one of my friends messaged me on facebook confused as to why I didn’t give Brad my number.

Accidently using the teeth whitening brush on someones face while editing, instead of using the smooth skin action.

When “brilliant” cooking ideas turn out horribly.

I usually answer the phone with “hey hey hey”. I’m pretty sure this will eventually backfire and I’ll answer like that to someone I don’t know.

Buying cute (new to me) shoes and then promptly getting 5 blisters while wearing them for the first time.

Sitting in glitter covered chairs while wearing a dark colored skirt.

When the GPS isn’t getting service and you are lost in the middle of no where.

Smelling like smoke, but you didn’t even sit close to a fire.

I’m currently making pancakes while working on this post, but I keep forgetting that they are cooking.

Spilling a coffee drink on the front of my white shirt and not noticing for a couple of hours.




American Eagle sent me a birthday month coupon. But I don’t know why I got it because, for one my birthday is in April and the email was addressed to Ashley. However it came right before I was about to place an order so it was great timing!

Dancing in the kitchen with my sister Care, I think we both have a great collection of really weird/strange dance moves- we hope the neighbors aren’t looking in the windows.

A farm to table food truck catered a wedding I shot recently!

Making our own kombucha! Our favorite way to enjoy it is in a wine glass.

This encouraging quote from the sermon on Sunday- “We are not going to speak and spread [the gospel], unless we see and savor [Jesus]” – Jason Meyer. I was convicted and encouraged to spend more time with the Lord, so that I may share the Gospel more.

Singing songs from Les Mis in our kitchen after lunch- all us girls have our favorite people that we sing the parts of.

Listening to inspirational business podcasts while editing photos.

Talking to Olivia, She is always so encouraging to me!

Fall colors! I’m so excited to see more gorgeous colors in the coming weeks.

Thrift store  shopping with my Mom, we found a few gems!


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?




This post has been a long time in the making, it’s hard for me to even describe all the wonderful things that happened on the mission trip to Sweden. In case you didn’t know, My Mom and I went on a Prayer Mission Trip to Sweden with 5 other people from our church back at the end of may/begining of June. N What I can tell you is that countless prayers were prayed, many were answered, people were encouraged, we learned things, and most of all God was glorified. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are just a few photos from Sweden. If you want to read our daily recaps  and see more photos that were posted while we were in Sweden you can visit our trip blog:

The road we walked down on the way to our first host home. The light was insane!




7The Sanctuary of a Baptist Church in Gothenberg.

8Our team ( minus Paul, our team leader who took the photo) with the host Dad and daughter- far left and pastor of the Tabernaklet (middle back).




The gorgeous church we attended in Tranas. We hung out with the pastor, his family and intern all afternoon after church. Sebastian- the intern translated the service from Swedish to English for those of us who don’t speak and swedish.

Our Team in the sanctuary (photo by Sebastian)

L to R: Paul, Karin, Carol, Kristi ( My Mom) Me, Aron, Tait.



A perfect table for Fika ( a time for coffee and treats) at a church in Husby.

Trying to figure out which mode of public transportation to take. We made over 60 bus, train, and tram connections in 12



We carried around so much stuff, my backpack is the gray one on the far right! It got so heavy!


My lovely Mother in front of the palace in Gamla Stan.












Starbucks is a staple in the Hunt Family, so we had to pick up a Stockholm mug, from the Starbucks in Stockholm Central Station.


While in Stockholm I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Make Music Stockholm, a music festival where musicians are allowed to take over the streets. A local pastor was coordinating the photographers for the festival, and when another missionary found out I was a photographer I was recruited! I’ll be blogging more photos from the Festival on the photography blog in a couple weeks.


(c) Sofia Hilder Photography- Madeline Hunt






Translating the church service in Swedish and English.
37Overall the trip to Sweden was amazing and so encouraging! It was so neat to meet with pastors and missionaries ( 33 in all!) and hear about their ministry/ churches and their heart for the lost. One thing that really stuck out to me was that Christians in Sweden are really intentional with trying to reach unsaved people. They really want to share the gospel! We also did a lot of praying, and that really transformed the way that I pray and think about prayer. While we were in Sweden the natural response to anything was to pray about it, and I really want that to be my natural response to things that come up in my life. Another thing about Sweden was I felt very at home there, I could definitely see myself living there someday. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Lord does!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for believers in Sweden, less then 2% of the population profess to be Christian- so as you can imagine it does get lonely at times. Pray for awakening in the country and that it would turn back to the Lord. Sweden used to be one of the top sending countries for missionaries, but now it has become a country needing missionaries. Pray for the Lord to do a new, and wonderful work of salvation in Sweden!


View More:

I graduated from Highschool in Spring of 2014, and ran my photography business for my last two years of high school. It was busy, but definitely worth it. Here are  5 tips for running a photography business, or really any business in high school.

NUMBER ONE. School is more important then work. Time management is so key to being in high school and running a business. It’s easy to prioritize editing over algebra, but the reality is you have to graduate from high school, and your teachers ( whether it’s your mom or someone else) are not going to say “oh I understand you have clients, so you can just skip your math homework while you edit that senior session.” It’s you choice whether or not to attend college, but high school is mandatory, so make sure to give homework a priority.

NUMBER TWO.  Set goals for your turn around time. Algebra has to be the first priority, but then work is second, give your clients a reasonable turn around time that you guarantee your photos by. My goal is always 2-3 weeks, but I usually tell my clients 3-4 weeks because I want to always under promise and over deliver. And if I did have a ton of school during that time it gave me a little grace to catch up. Don’t make your clients wait three months for their photos!  If you are so busy with school but then make time to go to the mall, meet friends for coffee, watch netflix etc you may need to re-evaluate your priorities. Running a business means that sacrifices are necessary at times, it might be time to plan to edit all day on a Saturday instead of lounging around, but if this is your dream job then it is worth it!

NUMBER THREE. Consistently post your work. One key to building your clientele is sharing your work. Start a blog/website. Set up a Facebook page for your business. Use instagram to share behind the scenes photos from your sessions. Social media can play a huge part in how fast your business grows, plus how can you say no to free marketing?

NUMBER FOUR. Don’t be afraid to charge what you are worth. Unless your goal is to be a free photographer forever (which is totally fine for some people, photography is a super fun hobby!) you have to charge for your work. Believe me you are worth it! When you believe in yourself and charge for your work then it will (most likely) be valued more by your clients and others. There will be “friends” who try to take advantage of you, people you haven’t seen in ages will suddenly message you on Facebook and say- “Hey we should hang out, you could bring your camera.” That is when you respond; “I’d love to do a session with you, here is my pricing PDF.” This is not to say that you should never do free sessions, but in my opinion they should only be free if it was the photographers idea from the start.

NUMBER FIVE.  Don’t let your age hinder you. Being looked down on because of your age is a reality most young entrepreneurs face. Whether it’s other photographers telling you that you’ll never make it, or well meaning family and friends that  think this is just your hobby so they don’t want to pay you. Stand up for yourself, act grown-up, dress us, show up and never giver up. (a tip for you girls- I always wear heavier makeup to my client meetings because it helps make me look older. ;) )

Photographers or other young business owners what tips do you have to add on running a successful business in high school?

If you are looking for more help in starting up a business, I would highly recommend The Business Course, taught by my Amazing Dad John Hunt, who has started more businesses then I can count. The Business Course is a curriculum to give high school students and adults all the tools they need to start a business. (Fun fact: My sewing class business was featured in one of the sessions.)





It’s not Thursday and I’m posting this…..

Those marks that sunglasses leave on your nose, and trying to massage them away before you see people.

Tripping over the hem of my own skirt.

Accidentally following people you previously un-followed on social media.

Trying to order prints and having the order fail/not upload multiple times.

Being whistled at while taking pictures up by my cabin. ew. ew. ew.

Making eye contact far to many times with the same stranger on an 8 hour flight.

Someone accidentally buying carob powder instead of cocoa powder.

Those 5 seconds when you aren’t sure if you should hug the person hello/goodbye or shake their hand.

When calling someone you don’t know and mispronouncing their name.

Answering the door while trying to hide the fact you are still wearing your pajamas.

I still haven’t finished writing my thank-you notes from my graduation party…. better get on that now.



When my hair looks good after sleeping on it and not like I’ve been homeless for a while.

Going out for breakfast with Sari, yay for good food and conversation.

Having my make-up done with my Mom and Care.

Photographing Sarah and Jonathan’s engagment session! SO CUTE!!

Sweden!! Hopefully I can post some photos from my mission trip there soon!

Spending an afternoon and evenings making wedding decorations with a bunch of girls from church.

Our annual girls cabin trip. See the video here.

Golden, glowy summer nights.

Hearing my youngest sister, Laura, play the violin.

Hanging out in my parents room at the cabin with the whole family, while everyone is taking turns making up skits about each other. We laughed so hard!

Reading books instead of being online.

Deep conversations about things that matter rather than shallow conversations about meaningless things.


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?








Hey there! I’m Madeline, you might not remember me because it has been over two months since I posted on this little blog of mine. Life has been crazy! I’ve traveled to Sweden and back, photographed a bunch of amazing people, and started working 25 hours a week for my Dad. But I’m back now (hopefully!) to share some of my favorite fun photos from March.














DIVERGENT-23Because Divergent was an incredible movie and there is nothing like dressing up with your best friends to go and see it. Sarah|Erudite. Caroline|Candor. Emily|Dauntless. Madeline|Abnegation.


18 BEFORE 19

{My lovely Nana and I celebrating our birthday’s together}

I think the first birthday list I made was when I had just turned 15. It didn’t really go that well because I put too many things that were theoretical goals as opposed to practical goals. This year I think that all of my goals are definitely do-able and I will hopefully be blogging through them as I accomplish each one. So without further ado, my 18 things before I turn 19.

1.Travel outside of the USA

2. Go to a concert

3. Run a 5k

4. Go to a drive-in movie.

5. Buy flowers and give them to someone just because.

6. Visit Nashville.

7.Finish cooking through Against All Grain.

8. Have a girls weekend at the cabin.

9. Have a picnic at the Rose gardens.

10. Host a Bible Study weekend Retreat.

11. Write 5  anonymous “love” encouragement letters.

12. Graduate from high school.

13. Photograph an editorial of my Grandma’s home.

14. Buy a polaroid and capture summer with it, or take my big camera everywhere and make a book at the end of summer.

15. Read 20 books.

16. Finish setting up my photography business with the State.

17. Have a bonfire party.

18. Finish redecorating my bedroom/office.

Now I just need to get to work on accomplishing all of these things.