It’s not Thursday and I’m posting this…..

Those marks that sunglasses leave on your nose, and trying to massage them away before you see people.

Tripping over the hem of my own skirt.

Accidentally following people you previously un-followed on social media.

Trying to order prints and having the order fail/not upload multiple times.

Being whistled at while taking pictures up by my cabin. ew. ew. ew.

Making eye contact far to many times with the same stranger on an 8 hour flight.

Someone accidentally buying carob powder instead of cocoa powder.

Those 5 seconds when you aren’t sure if you should hug the person hello/goodbye or shake their hand.

When calling someone you don’t know and mispronouncing their name.

Answering the door while trying to hide the fact you are still wearing your pajamas.

I still haven’t finished writing my thank-you notes from my graduation party…. better get on that now.



When my hair looks good after sleeping on it and not like I’ve been homeless for a while.

Going out for breakfast with Sari, yay for good food and conversation.

Having my make-up done with my Mom and Care.

Photographing Sarah and Jonathan’s engagment session! SO CUTE!!

Sweden!! Hopefully I can post some photos from my mission trip there soon!

Spending an afternoon and evenings making wedding decorations with a bunch of girls from church.

Our annual girls cabin trip. See the video here.

Golden, glowy summer nights.

Hearing my youngest sister, Laura, play the violin.

Hanging out in my parents room at the cabin with the whole family, while everyone is taking turns making up skits about each other. We laughed so hard!

Reading books instead of being online.

Deep conversations about things that matter rather than shallow conversations about meaningless things.


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?








Hey there! I’m Madeline, you might not remember me because it has been over two months since I posted on this little blog of mine. Life has been crazy! I’ve traveled to Sweden and back, photographed a bunch of amazing people, and started working 25 hours a week for my Dad. But I’m back now (hopefully!) to share some of my favorite fun photos from March.














DIVERGENT-23Because Divergent was an incredible movie and there is nothing like dressing up with your best friends to go and see it. Sarah|Erudite. Caroline|Candor. Emily|Dauntless. Madeline|Abnegation.


18 BEFORE 19

{My lovely Nana and I celebrating our birthday’s together}

I think the first birthday list I made was when I had just turned 15. It didn’t really go that well because I put too many things that were theoretical goals as opposed to practical goals. This year I think that all of my goals are definitely do-able and I will hopefully be blogging through them as I accomplish each one. So without further ado, my 18 things before I turn 19.

1.Travel outside of the USA

2. Go to a concert

3. Run a 5k

4. Go to a drive-in movie.

5. Buy flowers and give them to someone just because.

6. Visit Nashville.

7.Finish cooking through Against All Grain.

8. Have a girls weekend at the cabin.

9. Have a picnic at the Rose gardens.

10. Host a Bible Study weekend Retreat.

11. Write 5  anonymous “love” encouragement letters.

12. Graduate from high school.

13. Photograph an editorial of my Grandma’s home.

14. Buy a polaroid and capture summer with it, or take my big camera everywhere and make a book at the end of summer.

15. Read 20 books.

16. Finish setting up my photography business with the State.

17. Have a bonfire party.

18. Finish redecorating my bedroom/office.

Now I just need to get to work on accomplishing all of these things.




Trying to walk super fast because it is really windy and rainy.

Getting soaked as I fumble with my car keys so much so that when I get in my car I have to turn the heat on so I can warm up.

My facebook pages keeps saying I have an unread message, when in fact I don’t. I can’t get the little red notification to go away.

Accidentally following and liking tweets on Twitter, this has happened so many times I decided I need to take a long break.

Being sick two times within a month.

Ordering some kelly green jeggings online, when they came in the mail they looked like neon bright green leggings. Needless to say, I’m going to return them.





Weddings!  I just blogged my most recent one over on my photography website . I’m so excited for all my couples this year! (if you or someone you know is getting married and looking for a photographer, send them my way!

Art museum days. Minneapolis is so blessed to have a wonderful free art institute,  spent a morning there with my best friend, Sari a few weeks ago.

Flowers from my Dad.

Watching friends share their testimonies and be baptized. So encouraging.

Going on a mini road-trip with my parents up to Duluth.

Making progress on redecorating my bedroom.

Addressing all of my grad party invites in one day!

Polaroid pictures. (I’m seriously contemplating buying a Polaroid and a bunch of film to capture all the moments of my summer in one scrapbook/art journal. Should I go for it?)

I’m pretty sure I’ve had more awkward moments recently but I honestly can’t remember, so until next time, what has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?



Yes, I do realize that Valentine’s day was two months ago, however, I really wanted to share what is on my heart.

{Celebrating Valentine’s Day with these fantastic girls}

“An earthly romance can never take the place of an intimate relationship with Christ. If we lean on a human love story as our primary source of fulfillment and happiness, we’ll never find what we are looking for.” – Eric & Leslie Ludy in When God Writes Your Love Story

“Focusing solely on Christ and his path is the only way I am absolutely content and fulfilled as a women, single or not.”

I’ve always loved Valentine’s day, it’s always been a day of feeling loved by my family and friends, eating chocolate and having a nice family meal. I can see why it could be depressing for someone, if the focus of Valentine’s day was only on romantic relationships or the lack there of.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, and am so grateful to have this time of singleness. That being said, I would love to get married someday if that is what the Lord has for me, but I don’t want to wait until I have a man to “start my life”. I’m only 18 and I can already see so many opportunities that God has given me to enable me to passionately pursue him. I’m considering a 6 month mission program, I have dreams of starting a ministry, I’m going to be working full time come summer, I’m finishing High School and the future is so bright. I cannot wait to see the doors that the Lord is going to open. Whether I get married when I’m 25 or 40 or not at all, I pray that the Lord would give me grace to find all my satisfaction in Him because He is more then enough!

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul write about how unmarried people can focus on serving the Lord. I believe that this  is the key to living a fulfilled life as a single person. Besides that if a person thinks that a relationship will fill all the voids in their life then they are wrong. Only Jesus Christ can fill the needs in one’s heart for approval, love, etc. I really want to encourage you to focus on your relationship with Christ and not focus on how to get a man the fastest possible way. ;) I’m not pretending to have it all figured out or that I never struggle with the longing for a relationship, far from it! The Lord has given me so much grace over the past few years in this area of my life.

What has the Lord been teaching you lately?



Dear Care,

Mom was right when she told us over and over how our sisters should be our best friends. We’ve had our fair share of arguments and disagreements, but we have had far more amazing memories. There is no one else I would rather be crazy and weird with. I love how we can communicate without saying any words, eating chocolate together and drinking Starbs. I love when we talk about our passions and our dreams and about how great God is.

You are so amazing dear sister, God has great plans for your life! Never stop being crazy and “differ”, it’s one of the best things about you!

Happy sweet 16 Care!!




Care told everyone to do the MADELINE WHY ARE WE TAKING MORE PICTURES?! face.

This conversation: Laura and one of her friends were making up a play but didn’t want to tell me what it was about, I had already figured out that it was part of the movie Frozen and told them that I knew what they were doing.

Me: “I can figure things out, I’m almost like a Mom”

Friend: “But you aren’t married?”

Me: “I didn’t say I was a mom, just that I knew things like Mom’s do.”

Friend: “Well do you know how to spell phantom?”

Me: “Yep- P-h-a-n-t-o-m.”

Friend: “WOAH you do know things, you are like a Mom.”

Taking group pictures outside when its really cold. Okay quick take your coats off, just one more photo! MY HANDS ARE FREEZING!

Lamenting the fact that all the people I want to visit live in cities that cost around $400 to fly into.

While staying at my friend’s older sisters house that she shares with two other girls, everyone was gone except for Laurie and I and we were about to get ready for bed. So I commented that we probably didn’t need to shut the door of the basement bedroom we were staying in because no one was home except for the two of us. 10 seconds later as I was about to take my shirt off, Laurie’s sister’s boyfriend walks downstairs. Good thing I hadn’t already started changing haha.

When your amazon order is .04 cents away from qualifying for free shipping. WHY?!

Getting dressed right before a delivery came where I was the only person who could get the door.

Trying to take finger mustache photos and I couldn’t handle someone else putting their finger on my upper lip. ewwwwww. mostly because everyone had runny noses and sickness was going around.




The Lord keeps providing me with a bunch of work ( of all different kinds!) I’m super excited to sell Maple Syrup at the Home and Garden Show this weekend.

The Winter Retreat. This just made me realize that I haven’t blogged in so long. whoops!

Roadtripping to volunteer at a camp with Laurie and Stephen.

Finding Young Living Oils for sale at this really hippie coffee shop.

Going out for lunch on Valentine’s day with Care, Sari, Em, and Laurie.

Drinking chai tea at 7pm and then suddenly having tons of energy so I decided to go for a run.

Facetiming with faraway friends.

Being super mature and jumping on the bed with Laurie.

The Les Mis soundtrack!

Watching my friends randomly start swing dancing.

Minimalism. I’ve been so inspired by the Minimalists lately, I really want to challenge myself to get rid of a lot of things that I don’t actually need.

Blueberry maple syrup made with real blueberries and no artificial anything! So delish on paleo pancakes!

Going shopping and resisting the urge to buy things for myself!


What has been AWKWARD and AWESOME about your week?


IMPORTANT! My awesome friend Alex entered a scholorship contest where she designed an aswesome graphic sign and she could win an $1000 scholarship, so if you all would take 30 seconds and vote for her here.


Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Trying new recipes, new flavors, and new ingredients excite me.  Everyone in my immediate family is allergic to gluten, but we don’t let that keep us from enjoying a wide variety of foods. I so excited to announce this new feature for my blog, a peak into what my family is eating. So without further ado, welcome to What The Hunt’s Ate!


Fully Raw Fruit Christmas Tree. This was not only gorgeous, but absolutely delicious! We all love eating fruit, so this was a perfect addition to our Christmas morning brunch. All those beautiful and yummy berries. yummmm.

Inspired by this video.

Vegan Spinach Artichoke dip.  Care loves Artichokes and asks for this dip all the time. It’s so nice to find a recipe for artichoke dip that doesn’t include, cream or other dairy products. Our favorite way to eat this delicious dip is with gf crackers or raw cut up veggies, such as carrots or broccoli.  I used this recipe.

Squash Pizza. this is so so good! I saw this recipe on pinterest and immediately wanted to make it, because I love trying new things and we had all the ingredients on hand. Next time I’ll add more veggies, but we were out of almost all fresh veggies so I just made do with what we had. Highly recommended! This is the recipe I used.



When it takes 20 minutes to shovel the end of the driveway where the snow plow blocked you in.

This conversation with the kids I was babysitting:

Will(6): how old are you?

Me: “17″

Will: do you have a boyfriend?

Me: nope!

Maizie: (10) why not?! you are so pretty?

Then the six year old proceeded to ask me if I was pregnant.

Shooting at a bike/ski trail head and having to avoid all the people there.

When the place I was going to shoot at was closed. The one time I didn’t double check before I went.

My blogging this month. I definitely intended to blog more… oops. Is there anything that you would like to see on my blog?

Spilling a cup of tea all over myself, the couch, the stairs etc. This has happened so many times recently.

Apples to apples can become so snarky and hilarious.

Using a too dark of powder to fill in my brows, so when I was done it looked super creepy. Then water wasn’t enough to get the powder off, so I had to use coconut oil which then of course wiped off the top of my eye shadow. The struggle is real.



Having dinner at the best raw restaurant in Minneapolis with my Mom.

Paleo double chocolate chip cookies. So so delicious!

One of my really good guy friends dancing around my kitchen sing along with the Frozen soundtrack and pretending to be Elsa.

Hairspray. I never thought it was the right thing for my curly hair, but I just started using it and I looooove how it’s help my hair!

Hosting a girls night for the girls at my church.

Seeing Frozen for the second time with a couple friends and my younger sister.

Being really stressed out (not good) about all the school work I didn’t think I’d be able to finish, but then after praying about it I was able to write like a madwomen. No it wasn’t perfect, but it was finished.


What has been AWKWARD or AWESOME about your week?



These girls are more then just my best friends, they are my sisters. I’m so thankful for each of them! Because I’m getting a little nostalgic tonight, this is a little bit of what I love about each of them!

Care, my biological sister and best friend. You are crazy and wonderful, thank you for showing me the best music and being yourself. Which is the best thing you could ever be. I have no idea what I’d do without you. You are very good with helping me keep my budget, and you’d never let me out of the house in a weird outfit. You are almost always right ;)  I love sneaking into the same dressing room at target, and executing the power of strategic walking with you. Thank you for buying me coconut ice cream and chocolate and making me smoothies. You are the best <3

Sari, you sent me a quote a while ago about if a friendship lasts for 7 years it will most likely last for life. Well we are almost to the 7 year mark. ;)  Thank you for encouraging me and always pointing me to Jesus. For always speaking the truth in love, even when I definitely didn’t want to hear it! (hahah)  I love all of our little jokes and how we can communicate though facial expressions which drive everyone crazy. You are the best grammar corrector ever. I’m so glad we aren’t the same as we were in 8th and 9th grade. God has changed us both *so* much! Even if you aren’t the best at texting, I’m glad you’ve learned to talk on the phone with me. Now it’s time to practice saying it 10 times…. :) I love you!

Em, you are such a crazy and wonderful person! I love your sense of humor, how you and Care spaz about everything. Also how you now love OUAT (Care and I were right about it, weren’t we? ;) ) You are a very willing and gorgeous model for whenever I need to take your photos. Snapchatting you is awesome, lets just say the world has not seen how attractive our faces can get. :0 Keep on rocking those sky high heels. I’m glad you let me crash your and Care’s sleepovers. :) Your passion for Jesus is so beautiful, and He radiates though you every day!

I really want to encourage you all to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, because life is short and we don’t know how many days we have on this earth. It’s sobering to think how the Lord could call any of us home any day. Tomorrow is not a guarantee! Every single day is precious, spend it wisely!